Mineral Games

Are You a Rockhound or "Just" a Mineral Collector?
Check to see how many of the following signs apply to you, if it's over 10, then watch out! You're a ROCKHOUND!
(modified from Rockhounds.com)

Rocks and Soils
At this site you can play an interactive game with Sara Jane to save the world, read about the characteristics of rocks, their uses, and learn about soils and take a quiz to see how much you've learned.
(from the BBC)

Making a Silica Tetrahedron from a Small Envelope
(from the NM Bureau of Geology & Mineral Resources)

Sammy Soil
A coloring book story
(from the Gulf of Mexico Program)

Minerals Down Under
Learn all about the physical properties of gold, copper, silver, iron, and mineral sands along with the techniques used to find them. Finish up with a quiz to check how much you learned.
(from the Minerals Council of Australia)

Rock Cycle
Learn about rocks while creating a rock collection then test your new skills.

Investigating Symmetry In Our Alphabet

The Mineral Factory